Cleverly Thinking•Creating Future--- YST invites you to join CEIA China Electronic Wisdom Forum in Hefei Station

  • 2018-05-17

The 21st session CEIA China Electronic Intelligence Forum and Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing and Reliability Engineering Technology Symposium will be held on May 17 at Hongrui Jinling Hotel of Hefei. Experts from CEPREI will give authoritative lectures at the conference, and famous domestic and foreign manufacturers will also give excellent keynote speeches and display new products. The meeting will invite the leaders, experts, engineerings and technology colleagues of well-known electronic manufacturing enterprises and institutions in Hefei,who will discuss the latest technologies, processes and solutions in the electronic manufacturing industry. There are more production technical advice and troubleshooting, we are sincerely invite to actively participate.

The CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Forum will focus on the main lines of industry 4.0, made in China 2025, electronic intelligent manufacturing, etc., which continuously promote the innovative application of electronic intelligent manufacturing, and actively promote the upgrading and development of electronic manufacturing industry. The conference will set up seven major topics for discussion including the development trend of advanced technology in electronic manufacturing, the application of electronic manufacturing technology, the sharing of electronic manufacturing processes, the reliability of electronic products, the intelligence of electronic manufacturing, and the intelligent factory of electronic manufacturing,user industry application demonstration.

As a well-known enterprise of electronic connection material and chemical polymer material in China, YST is also invited to attend the conference and will give a keynote speech entitled "Application of UV comformal coating and PUR adhesive in Home Appliance Industry" .In this paper, two innovative excellent products, UV-moisture dual curing conformal coatings and Polyurethane Reactive(PUR) will be introduced.

"UV-moisture dual curing conformal coatings" is a non-dangerous chemical, which can be transported and stored according to conventional chemicals. It has the characteristics of fast curing, safe and enviroment-friendly, and can realize the curing of shadow area. The cured paint film has excellent resistance to yellowing and moisture,chemical resistance, suitable for electrical appliances, automotive electronics, power conversion, industrial control, communications, military and other electronic products PCBA anticorrosion protection, to ensure more reliable operation of electrical equipment!

"(PUR)" is an ideal solution for bonding of glass panels of household appliances. It can effectively solve the problems of double-sided adhesive tape flash seam, low bonding strength, and achieve high reliability bonding of household electrical appliances panel and reduce the cost. Improve efficiency, its outstanding performance is mainly reflected in the following areas: 100% solid, tasteless, safe, enviroment-friendly; Single component, low viscosity, long operating time; high curing speed, strong initial adhesion,it can be repeatedly heated; high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, excellent oil resistance; With wide range of bonding, metal, glass, plastic and so on can be bonded.

Being a 30 years history high-tech enterprise,YST takes in lead in implementing the concept of enviromental protection in product development.The attributes of its high-tech enterprises and the environmental protection characteristics of the products themselves are in line with the relevant national environmental policy guidance requirements.

Up to now, YST has participated in the drafting and formulation of 6 Chinese national standards and 1 industry standard, has passed the UL safety certification and 5 major management system certifications represented by the IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, and has obtained 38 national invention patents. More than 50 papers in international famous journals (including more than 20 articles in SCI) are published . At the same time, the "YST" is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province and a famous brand in Shenzhen.

Through the dedicated research of YST scientific research team, we first launched: Water based comformal coating,UV-dark curing coating, thick layer coating material, Polyurethane Reactive, nano waterproof coating material,epoxy Underfill,single epoxy adhesive,double epoxy adhesive, UV adhesive, Sn-Bi-X series low-temperature solder paste and other innovative products.These products can be widely used in various fields of circuit board protection,and in the industry leading level.

Innovation and R & D is the core competitiveness of YST. Recently, the case of a well-known communications company once again warns us that only if enterprises master core technology, can they firmly hold the fate of the future in their own hands. So we will steadily promote technological innovation, and continuely provide global customers with more superior products and solutions!

Address: Hongrui Jinling hotel, 1799 Qimen road, Hefei district.

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