YST resolutely implement the Ministry of industry's "plan" document requirements

  • 2016-07-09

The MIIT and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a circular on July 8, 2016, announcing that in order to implement Made in China 2025 and the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, the implementation of green manufacturing projects will be accelerated, the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in key industries will be promoted, the level of green industrial development will be upgraded, and the quality of atmospheric environment will be improved. The MIIT  has organized  Volatile Organic Compounds Reduction in Key Industries (hereinafter referred to as the Plan). According to the plan, the proportion of low (no) VOC coatings will reach 60% by 2018.

At present, the situation of air pollution prevention and control is grim. Speeding up the reduction of VOC in key industries is significant to promote the green development of industry, improve the quality of air environment and protect human health.

For this reason, the plan puts forward the following ideas: taking technological progress as the main line, insisting on the concept of source reduction and process control, giving consideration to the whole process prevention and control of end treatment, giving full play to the main role of enterprises, strengthening policy support and guidance, promoting enterprises to implement raw material substitution and clean production technology transformation, and upgrading the level of clean production,in order to promote green transformation and upgrading of the industry.

YST is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in development,manufacture,sales of electronic joining materies and chemical polymer materials with more than 30 years histories,who insist on the enviroment-friendly policy and the enviromental protection characteristics of products.All of them comply with the relevant national enviromental policy guidance requirements.At all the time,YST carrys out the concept of environmental protection in product development, andl also resolutely implement the MIIT  "plan" relating spirit and requirements. Because we know that environmental protection is the general trend of future industrial development,if you has excellent environmental protection products, you can firmly grasp the pulse of the future market.

At present, there is a kind of water based conformal coating with pioneering significance in the domestic market, which is developed by our company.This is a revolutionary product in the field of circuit board protection.It is safe, enviroment-friendly, no VOCs,odorless.excellent anti-corrosion resistance,nonflammable,the simple construction technology,high curing speed,excellent adhesion, insulation performance,and humidity resistance.Both the construction stage and the using procedure have no pollution in the enviroment and the air, also besides human healthy,because our thinner is pure water.YST water based conformal coating is more in line with the future development trend of PCB protection because of its excellent performance.

Over the years, through our tireless efforts,we participated in the drafting of 6 Chinese national standards, and obtained 35 national invention patents.We get certificates including ROHS,UL,REACH ,ISO9001 Quality Management,ISO14001:2008 Enviromental Management,besides famous brand in Guangdong and famous brand in Shenzhen.The publication of the MIIT "Plan" of  urges us to make more stringent demands on ourselves, continue to upgrade the VOC reduction and technical transformation, continue to increase the intensity of research and development of green products, actively carry out research and evaluation of green products, strive to promote the green development of the industry, constantly set up green product models and upgrade. Technology level of cleaner production.

In the future,YST will do a big job complying to the nation enviroment protection,based on the industry upgrading,we keeping moving bravely.Continuely holding the enviromental protection flag,focusing on researching,going ahead courageously, we will devote ourselves to promoting the construction of beautiful China and global ecological security.

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