YST resolutely implement the State Council's

  • 2016-07-29

On July 28, 2016, the State Council issued a special circular entitled "13th Five-Year Plan for National Scientific and Technological Innovation", which calls on governments, enterprises and institutions at all levels to implement it resolutely.

 The National Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation of the 13th Five-Year Plan mainly defines the overall thinking, development goals, main tasks and important measures of scientific and technological innovation in the 13th Five-Year Plan period. It is a key national special plan in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and a guide for China to move into the ranks of innovative countries.

At the present, China's scientific and technological innovation has stepped into a new stage in which tracking is the main direction, tracking and running together, leading and coexisting. It is in an important period from the accumulation of quantity to the qualitative leap, from the breakthrough of point to the promotion of system capability. It has become more prominent in the core position of the overall national development, and has further upgraded its position in the global innovation map. It has become an important technological power with important influence. With the steady increase of China's national income, the accelerated release of market demand, the more complete industrial system, the remarkable enhancement of institutional vitality, the continuous improvement of education level and human capital quality, the enormous potential, tenacity and room for manoeuvre for sustained and sound economic development, the comprehensive national strength will go up to a new level, and will surely lead to scientific and technological innovation. It provides a solid foundation for accelerating breakthroughs.

With a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change in the future, science and technology from micro to macro scale to in-depth evolution, multi-disciplinary breakthroughs, cross-integration trend is becoming increasingly obvious. It will have an unprecedented and profound impact on human production mode, life style and way of thinking. Scientific and technological innovation will play a more important role in dealing with the common challenges and realizing sustainable development of mankind.

Professionalism and innovation are our core competitiveness.Being a 30 years history high-tech enterprise that are professional about joining materies and chemical polymer materials,YST always take innovation as the core concept of enterprise development, through continuous product upgrading and innovation, we have achieved good results.We participated in the drafting of 6 Chinese national standards, and obtained 35 national invention patents.We get certificates including ROHS,UL,REACH ,ISO9001 Quality Management,ISO14001:2008 Enviromental Management,besides famous brand in Guangdong and famous brand in Shenzhen

At present, there is a kind of water based conformal coating with pioneering significance in the domestic market, which is developed by our company.This is a revolutionary product in the field of circuit board protection.It is safe, enviroment-friendly, no VOCs,odorless.excellent anti-corrosion resistance,nonflammable,the simple construction technology,high curing speed,excellent adhesion, insulation performance,and humidity resistance.Both the construction stage and the using procedure have no pollution in the enviroment and the air, also besides human healthy,because our thinner is pure water.YST water based conformal coating is more in line with the future development trend of PCB protection because of its excellent performance.

As YST developing step more and more fast, We will resolutely implement the notification requirements of the State Council's "Plan", keep up with the new trends of world science and technology and industrial transformation, focusing on the urgent need to enhance the international competitiveness of China's industries,strengthen the development of major technological projects, break through the bottlenecks of industrial transformation and upgrading and new products, continue to strengthen the construction of independent R&D innovation system, and provide strong support for China's industry to move towards the high-end of the global value chain.

In conclusion,China's scientific and technological innovation is in an important strategic opportunity period of great achievements. The relevant national policy guidance also points out the direction for the future development of enterprises. YST will firmly grasp the opportunity, establish innovative self-confidence, enhance the sense of hardship, brave to overcome difficulties, actively conform to the trend of the times, and put scientific and technological innovation in a more important position. let innovation become the will of the enterprise and the joint action of all staff, strive to create a new situation of enterprise innovation and development in the new development opportunities, help the country to embark on a new journey of building a world scientific and technological power!

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